Holy Trinity Church was opened in 1819 when Huddersfield was growing rapidly. Up until then, Huddersfield only had one church which had become too small. Benjamin Haigh Allen, a local Justice of the Peace and wealthy businessman, had Holy Trinity built to serve the growing population, many of whom lived in severe poverty. Allen was a committed Christian who worked tirelessly to proclaim the good news of Jesus and live out his faith through his service to the local community.

Our worship, witness and service to the community have changed over the years and our building reflects this; but we believe that God’s love remains constant and we remain committed to the gospel values that inspired Allen to first build the church.

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Bicentennial Celebration

In December 2016 we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the foundation stone of Holy Trinity Church being laid.

As part of the 200th celebrations, Andy Barber, one of our church wardens, is writing a monthly blog – essentially a short historical snippet for each month between the foundation stone being laid in Dec 1816 and the church opening in Oct 1819.

Download the blog below and have a read of Holy Trinity’s history.

Check it out here!