Kickstart is a series of free sessions developed by the debt counselling charity CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and run by volunteers from Holy Trinity Huddersfield. Each of the sessions starts where you are, helps you to look at your own situation and offers practical ways to improve mental health and well-being.

The sessions, some of whch are outlined below, are run over a number of weeks. To find out when our next courses are running and which sessions are being offered please contact or phone and leave a message on 01484 513213 and one of the team will get back to you.

This session aims to: enable you to meet the leaders and other people participating in the course and explore the difference between grief and loss.

This session aims to: remind you about the difference between grief and loss; acknowledge that grief and loss are a part of everyday life, but can impact individuals very differently; explore ways to journey through grief in a healthy way, not forgetting the peace and comfort that God brings.

This session aims to: explore worry and anxiety – something we’ve all experienced, especially during the pandemic; encourages you to share some things that are worrying you at the moment; look at different types of worry, and consider the amount of time we spend worrying about things that either won’t happen or are beyond our control.

This session aims to: help you look after your physical, mental and emotional health; discusses the impact of factors like the food we eat, and how we value ourselves and others, on our physical and mental health; explore practical ways to care for your own wellbeing.