Men’s ministry at Holy Trinity has been developing for a number of years, but in September 2016 we launched a new group called HT Men with the hope of enabling the men of our church to connect and find meaningful community with one another.

We see four strands to what we do as a men’s ministry at Holy Trinity:

  1. Social – we are brothers in Christ, so we want to create a warm and welcoming environment in which men can get to know each other and develop friendship across the generations.
  2. Spiritual – we recognise that it is often quite hard being a Christian and being a man, so we want to be a community that encourages and challenges one another to grow in faith.
  3. Sharing – we believe that we have really Good News to share with the world, so we want to be outward-looking and extending God’s invitation of love to those around us.
  4. Service – we know that Jesus—the ultimate Man’s Man—came not to be served but to serve, so we want to find practical ways in which we can bless our community in His name.

Though we have one-off events throughout the year (such as a Christmas Curry), we have a regular bi-monthly Men’s Breakfast where you can enjoy great company, a full English breakfast (vegi option available) and a talk from an engaging speaker.  Though we ask for a voluntary donation of £3, don’t let money stop you.  Come and join us—there’s enough food for everyone!

Please note: In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic no Men’s events are currently planned before June 2020.  We will update information once events start again.

In all of our activities we are committed to effective safeguarding of Children, Young People and Adults.  Find out more about Safeguarding at Holy Trinity