The Attic (School years 7 – 11)

During term time the younger youth are invited to head upstairs with friends through the 10:45am service to catch up, read the Bible and discuss what God is saying to them for the week ahead.

During the Week

HT Youth Club – Wednesdays 7.00pm – 8.15pm (School years 7-11) at church weekly during term-time.


This is an opportunity to kick back, relax and catch up with your mates during term time.  This high energy youth club has something for everyone: music, board games and video games. We often get special guests to discuss their faith and lives as an opportunity to inspire and encourage the young people. Our Youth club usually meets each week in term-time. Check out our events page to see upcoming meeting dates.

HT Older Youth Club – (School years 12+)  – Occasional Wednesdays 7.30pm – 9.00pm at church

We also provide opportunities for our older Youth to meet together. Check out our events page to see upcoming meeting dates.

For more information about HT youth contact the church office on or phone  : 01484 513213 or complete a Youth registration form by clicking the button below:

In all of our activities we are committed to effective safeguarding of Children, Young People and Adults. Find out more about Safeguarding at Holy Trinity.